SureTrader has some unique advantages for Traders looking to cut costs. Based in the Bahamas, they have some niche services that may appeal to US traders that need more from their brokerage. The account minimums are low, allowing new day traders the flexibility to start small and get the hang of day trading. Orders can be placed quickly, and advanced charting and other advanced features hot keys, anyone? Plus, shares of short and pink sheet stocks will also make advanced traders fall in love with SureTraderas not every broker these kinds of options.

The software comes complete with fully integrated point-and-click trading and customized views of the market. Note: platforms only work on PCs.

suretrader hotkeys

Controversial customer service comments aside, these types of reports could stem from the success or lack thereof of individuals trading. Again, this is one of the areas that seems to be dependent upon the trader.

Once more, are the money-makers happiest? Customers have both complained and been enthralled with the ease by which they could set up an account. To start a new account, traders need to scan some identification and provide a utility bill. However, it seems to run the gamut as to how long the process takes, but it should only take a couple of days.

There are no commodities, mutual funds or forex trading at this time. As with anything, traders need to be sure they understand everything before they dive into bed with a new platform and broker.

The U. SEC rule states that U.

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Overall, SureTrader is a great option for newbie traders to get their feet wet, as well as those who are more risk averse but beware of fees and commissions which will have already have been thoroughly researched, right?

SureTrader Review. Benzinga Money is a reader-supported publication. We may earn a commission when you click on links in this article. Learn more. Open an Account.

Pros No pattern day trading rules. Who Uses SureTrader? Overnight short fee: 0. Trading non-DTC eligible securities have additional settlement fees.Stops Loss orders and Trailing Stops are a great way to reduce the impact of a potential loss, or have a stop automatically move up as the stock value moves up in price.

Each of these methods are shown in the below video. Below is an image on how you will want a trailing stop of 10 cents to increase every 5 cents the stock moves. The trail increment is amount the stock needs to move to trigger the trail amount to move.

In this case if the stock moves 5 cents the stop loss will then jump 5 cents closer to the current price. A trailing stop implemented at 3. If you do not select the trail increment, it will update on every price increase of once cent. If you want to learn how to use a trailing stop in a trade ticket you can follow the guide Here.

Still have questions?

Account Fees

Please reach out to our Support Teamand we'd be happy to help. Did you find it helpful? Yes No. Home Solutions. How can we help you today? Enter your search term here New support ticket. Check ticket status. Sorry we couldn't be helpful. Help us improve this article with your feedback. Related Articles.Jan 9, Day Trading. Hot keys are shortcuts that execute a pre-selected task or series of tasks at the press of a single or combination keystroke. On a trading platform, the main benefit is speed, which leads to efficiency.

You can choose between pre-made hot keys or custom scripts. Trading platforms have pre-set actions usually linked to default hot keys.

Depending on your broker, the list of actions can be very extensive. Additionally, more advanced trading platforms will allow you to create your own series of actions to configure to your choice of hot keys. Most basic hot key functions are set by default.

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The user can also add additional hot keys or re-configure the default hot keys. The goal is to make your current strategy more efficient by automating common tasks. For example, the F5 key may already be configured to refresh your screen in another program. Re-configuring the F5 key to a task on your trading platform could present conflicts that may cause malfunctions in both programs. In order to be useful, hot keys should be easy to remember and used often to reinforce the habit. Although they may seem extraneous at first, there many benefits of using hot keys.

Once you get acclimated through repetition, you will find them indispensible. The most obvious benefit of hot keys is speed.

While point and click is fast, using a hot key to place your buy and sell orders can shed seconds off your trade execution.

The speed advantage becomes most noticeable when having to placing multiple orders on different stocks. Additionally, you can set a hot key to buy a limit on the inside bid or sell limit on the inside ask with a set number of shares. Hot keys are a boon for trading fast moving volatile stocks. This can mean the difference between getting a bad fill and dodging a falling knife.

Warrior Trading

For example, you may have 10 different buy-limit orders in for 10 different stocks. You notice the futures starting to collapse hard and quickly decide to pull all the limit orders until you find out why the market is tanking. Normally, you would have to pull up each stock and then cancel the specific order. Here are some of the common hot key actions for both buying and selling.

The actual hot key can be configured manually. Check with your broker for the default hot keys linked to the actions. When buying shares, you will have to configure the default size as number of shares or a percentage of capital.

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Market orders can result in very expensive fills in fast moving, volatile stocks if the timing is not right. This type of order is safer than a market order since it puts a price cap on the shares you are buying.

This type of order attempts to split the spread, puts a price cap on the order and may result in providing liquidity, which may qualify for a pass-thru rebate. Of course, depending on the increment, it may also just execute the buy order on the inside ask. These values need to be determined when configuring the hot key s. Technically, a market order gets top priority and must fill at the inside bid price. However, market orders can result in expensive fills when using them on fast moving and thinly traded volatile stocks.

These are just the sell version of the aforementioned buying shares segment. The user can pre-set the number of shares and the price increment during the hot key configuration.

You may want to use different hot keys to adjust the values for different types of stocks. This hot key will sell a specified percentage of the total position at market price.

The purpose is to quickly trim down exposure risk by decreasing position size.SureTrader is a familiar name to those who are looking to get into day trading and need to find a broker. But the problem is: with a simple online search you will find that there are many proverbial love-hate relationships between day traders and SureTrader. So is SureTrader really legit? Do they charge horrendous commissions on each and every trade? And what about their platform — is it any good for fast-paced day trading?

This is known as the Pattern Day Trade Rule. This rule is applicable to US citizens, Green Card holders and even temporary residents of the US based brokers such as Interactive Brokers IB or SpeedTrader have no choice but to enforce this rule since they are located in the United States and are therefore regulated in the United States.

The table below compares some of the more commonly used brokers and the applicability of the PDT Rule to their clients:. SureTrader was founded by Guy Gentile in Gentile previously founded SpeedTrader, one of the best brokers in the US for day trading. Less than a year after its establishment, SureTrader reported more thanequity transactions daily.

Tradenet (TEFS) Hotkeys Setup

In MaySureTrader reported averaging 30, transactions daily. On March 23,Gentile was charged by the US Securities and Exchange Commission with perpetrating penny stock manipulation schemes but the charges were dismissed the following year. At the time, this lawsuit was a significant reason for traders to avoid opening an account with SureTrader. SureTrader has been in business since The company is based, licensed and regulated in The Bahamas by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas and The Central Bank of The Bahamas, and they are expected to strictly adhere to established standards of performance, service and confidentiality.

If you open an account with SureTrader, and your account grows, we recommend you regularly withdraw your cash so that you never maintain a considerable sum of money in your SureTrader account. This way, you will then not lose a significant amount of money should SureTrader ever file for bankruptcy or run into other problems. As previously noted, SureTrader is not allowed to actively recruit US clients. They accept US clients, but they are not allowed to directly advertise to US clients.

High volume traders, those trading more than 1, shares per month, pay lower trading fees, but they need to discuss their situation with SureTrader in order to access the lower rate.

suretrader hotkeys

This is an excellent buying power for traders who have limited cash in their account. Again, this is excellent, because people with less capital available for day trading usually need to use their margin in order to make a significant profit.

One of the features that makes SureTrader an excellent broker is the fact that it offers one of the biggest stock lists. Users can expect to get more than 10, symbols to short daily.Already have an account? Sign in Prefer to apply offline? Click here for PDF Applications.

Mint Global Markets, Inc. Check the background of Mint Global Markets, Inc. Please log into your account regularly and report any inaccuracies or discrepancies. Inquiries, concerns, questions or complaints should be communicated to the above email, fax, or mailing address with Attn: Compliance.

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Mint Global does not guarantee the accuracy of, or endorse, the statements of any third party, including guest speakers or authors of commentary or news articles.

All information regarding the likelihood of potential future investment outcomes are hypothetical.

suretrader hotkeys

Future results are never guaranteed. Any examples that discuss potential trading profits or losses may not take into account trading commissions or fees, which mean that potential profits could be lower and potential losses could be greater than illustrated in any example. Day trading is subject to significant risks and is not suitable for all investors. Any active trading strategy will result in higher trading costs than a strategy that involves fewer transactions.

Customers who want to use their accounts for day trading must obtain the broker-dealer's prior approval. Customers must also be aware of, and prepared to comply with, the margin rules applicable to day trading. There are special risks involved with trading on margin. Please see the Margin Risk Disclosure. From time to time, Mint Global presents webinars, which may be accessed via links on this site and through other content providers, in order to offer an opportunity to hear from a professional day trader.

The speakers are not employed by, registered with, or associated with Mint Global.Tim Grittani kroyrunner89 SpeedTrader has played a pivotal role in my progression as a trader. They are top notch, Provide some of the best routes and the fastest in the business. Not to mention that their customer service is way above anyone I know. They are very personal and treat you like family.

AJ AjTrader7 A day trader can only be as good as his or her tools. Speedtrader is one of the most important trading tools that gives me an extra edge. I love their platform reliability, execution speed, and their customer service.

What are Hot Keys for Trading and How Can You Use Them?

Speedtrader is my primary broker for day trading and I happily recommend them to everyone I know. Staff extremely helpful. Ability to use multiple platforms, multiple clearing options, competitive ticket charges and fees. I feel lucky to have found them early!

Scott T. Ready to Get Started? Start your application and fund an account today! Low Cost Trading. Powerful Platforms. Marginable Accounts. Industry-Leading Short Lists. Traders who choose SpeedTrader have access to powerful trading platforms, market-leading technology, and exceptional customer service. Speedy Executions SpeedTrader is a direct market access broker with access to over 25 routing options.

Low-Cost Trades SpeedTrader offers competitive commissions for both per-share and per-trade plans. Powerful Platforms SpeedTrader provides access to advanced trading platforms on all devices.

Integrated Locates SpeedTrader offers access to 4 third-party locate services so you have access to the best short lists. Learn More About SpeedTrader. SpeedTrader offers state of the art platforms that are designed specifically for active traders who demand advanced trading tools and uncompromising technology. Learn More. SpeedTrader brings the power you need to your desktop, browser, and mobile device. Explore Our Platforms. Access the tools you need to unlock your full trading potential.

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SpeedTrader provides competitive commission rates to all traders.This is a trading platform which people either love or hate, and in this SureTrader review, we're going to find out why.

Love it or hate it, as we said. But what are the facts, aside from the inevitable fiction that crops up on the internet? In this review we'll break it down and present you with the information you need to make a sound decision about SureTrader.

For this reason alone, it is worth noting that the IRS may have questions and concerns about it. That said, Americans are legally allowed to open an account, and doing so is a pretty straightforward and easy process. If you trade every day, this can be frustrating. However, if you are looking small fees and you wouldn't like to risk with off-shore broker, SureTrader is might not be the choice for you.

In terms of actual trading options, you are limited to three categories at SureTrader - equities, options, and ETFs. The platform will be most suitable for beginner traders who want to dabble in stock and options trading, and will hold particular appeal to those who want to dabble in penny stock trading as it offers a huge list of these. As stated earlier, the fees at SureTrader are on the high side. These fees are a fair bit higher than average, but SureTrader justifies them on the basis that most of its clients are new or inexperienced, and h en ce higher risk.

In our view, a much better deal could be had elsewhere if you shop around. SureTrader will be particularly unsuitable for those who want to hold positions on margin overnight as a result of its fees. The first thing to note is that there are actually three SureTrader platforms in total.

One point to note is that the free version ActiveWeb is web-based, meaning you are at the mercy of your internet connection. Should it drop when you have open trades, you will bear the losses if they occur. You can avoid this by getting the PRO platform on the picture belowwhich you download to your desktop. You can easily flick between these features using the main menu at the top of the screen. That said, the design is very simple and intuitively easy to understand. The Bloomberg News feature is neatwith Trademark orange against a black background.

If you like sleek, modern designs, you will be disappointed in the PRO platform, but ActiveWeb platform won't cause you any troubles in the design department. What is noteworthy though is the hotkeys feature which is completely customizable. You can reprogram them to suit your own preferences. There are a number of styles and filters available on SureTrader PRO meaning you can customize them to suit your trading strategy.

Real-time charting is also available. These features are great, but they are made for the beginner to intermediate trader. On the other hand, if you value speed, then this is the place for you. Actually placing trades on SureTrader is remarkably easy, and thanks to the hot keys feature, can be done lightning fast.